awards procedures

Evaluation Process

The Foundation's Judges are selected by the (16 Trustees). They refine the selection of those who qualify for the ultimate evaluation. Board members select establishments from 8 US Territories from East to West coast an Canada. The decisions of the judges are based on whether entries demonstrates a commitment to genuine excellence and a dedication to promote and protect the Philosophy of Ambassadors of True Italian Gastronomy and Hospitality in North America and Canada. The Judges are all experts in their fields and remain anonymous.


02.Determination Process

Once determination has been agreed and voted, selected establishments will receive noticed confirmation and the Awards will be issued.

03.Technical Logistics

If selected establishment wish to organize and offer an award event presentation to media and consumers in their locations, arrangements will be made, and cost of travel and logistics will be priced accordingly with Italia Foundation's Headquarter.

04. Importance of recognition

The Italia Foundation Awardees receive:
The license to use the highly recognized Italia Foundation's approved award. International social network presence. FEATURE the approved logo in all your promotional efforts - marketing.  Receive valuable additional benefits that increase visibility and business. ADVANCE you business visibility. ACCESS cutting edge information. NETWORK with peers and collaborate with industry leaders. CONTINUE your education on the "Made in Italy Brand". COMMIT to integrity, professionalism, and success. SHARE your expertise. INFLUENCE the marketplace. Outreach to the Italian and American press. RECEIVE the recognition you deserve.....and of course bragging rights!


The Italia Foundation Awards are Italy's food industry’s highest honor in North America and Canada. Awards are bestowed to three (3) categories, The awards celebrate, nurture, and honor leaders, entities, and products making Italy's food culture more Veritable, Diverse, and Educational for everyone.


ITALIA foundation awards

 Walter Potenza

President of Italia Foundation in North America and Canada.

Donatella Aureli

Director of operation in Italy's Headquarter and liaison to Italy's Government affairs and regulations.

Italia Foundation supports local agriculture and sustainability, by minimizing waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency and developing local food resources to revitalize the local economy and the health and wellness of future generations.

ITALIA foundation operatives

Michele Potenza

Director of Media, Promotion, Marketing, Social Network, Sales.

Milano Italy

Bianca Mancini

Director of operation of Italia Foundation in North America and Canada.

Capri I Faraglioni from above

Awards are available only in the United States and Canada, however special Awards are issued in unique occasions to International Recipients, and Properties.

Italia Foundation Awards