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What is Ciao Italia North America !

Ciao Italia North America’s vision is to be an international forum for the preservation, development and exchange of information, while protecting the knowledge, and inspiration of the True Italian Restaurants community in North America

Ciao Italia North America is governed by a team of valuable national and International experienced restaurant trustees who routinely submit nominations for establishments to review.

The Board then refines the selection to those who qualify for the ultimate evaluation.

Evaluations of establishments are based primarily on hospitality, gastronomy (authentic Italian ingredients, wines, and spirits) attitude, quality, cleanliness and service.

The decisions of Ciao Italia North America are based on whether the establishment demonstrates a commitment to genuine excellence and a dedication to promote and protect the philosophy of Ambassadors of True Italian Hospitality in North America.

How to join

Ciao Italia membership is free

Simply send us an e-mail with information of the suggested restaurant, including business name, address, phone, web address, menu, wine list, and 100 words description about the selected establishment.

A Ciao Italia North America representative will contact you with further details.

Ciao Italia North America members are better prepared to meet the demands of the food industry through an innovative, creative, intelligent approach to development, and International network. Ciao Italia Chapters are found in 32 countries and five continents.

As a member, you will enjoy many benefits, including:

The Ciao Italia North America Certificate of selection and free membership

Ciao Italia Certification Programs

License to use the highly recognized Ciao Italia North America approved award

The Ciao Italia "Targa Ufficiale" / Official Targa (Plaque)

issued by the World Headquarter in Rome.

International web network / Participation in National and International Congress

Educational events / Fund-raising events / Newsletter in Italian

Feature the approved logo in all your promotional efforts - marketing

Valuable additional benefits that increase visibility and business

Materials and on your web site

Benefits of Membership

ADVANCE you business visibility / ACCESS cutting edge information

NETWORK with peers and collaborate with industry leaders

CONTINUE your education on the "Made in Italy Brand"

COMMIT to integrity, professionalism, and success

SHARE your expertise / INFLUENCE the marketplace

Outreach to the Italian and American press

RECEIVE the recognition you deserve

Full Membership is open to restaurateurs who own or operate full-service Italian restaurants as their primary establishments and form of business enterprise.

As a member of Ciao Italia North America you will be an integral part of the only organization that constantly pervades the American trade, press and public with a wealth of information on true Italian Cucina and authentic Italian products.

Through the dissemination of this information we are collectively elevating the image of Italian Cucina and cultural philosophy in North America.

Membership is free

Ciao Italia Certifications Program for restaurants

"Bartolo Ciccardini Education Scholarship Fund"

Ciao Italia North America

286 Atwells Avenue Suite 200 Providence Rhode Island 02903 USA

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