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Statuto di Ciao Italia   By-laws

1) The Association
proposes to diffuse an integral part of Italian culture and civility; the conception that Italians have a social and civil obligation to be together at a table, with all the implications in regards to lifestyle, hospitality, and the search for peace and fraternity of the people.

2) The Association proposes a major quality in the professionalism of its members, and their ability to apply technical and viable methods in the transformation of products, throughout conventions, meetings, educational courses, cultural travels, and exchange of experiences.

3) Creating a unity and solid group, allows facilitation in obtaining sponsorships, reductions and discounts in purchases for goods and services. Ciao Italia would like to create a network of experiences, media and web related connections, that provides a strong global presence and a uniform message.

4) We will communicate with each other. The web will not be as our actual organization, which has the headquarter as the epicenter and all the chapters spread out in the world, but a structure that allows every chapters to initiate events, initiatives and educational programs that can be suggested to other chapters and entice them to grow toward the optimum objective.

5) The Association manages the image of the category. In an establishment open to the public, good image can offer as much as 20% on the bottom line. It is of vital importance to maintain healthy relationship with producers, and importers, with regional meetings. A great relationship with media and journalist specialized in gastronomy is also very fruitful for a strong growth of image and message. Ciao Italia maintains strong ties with the hosting nations of our chapters, and a healthy relationship based on reciprocal respect and admiration with authorities and diplomatic members of the hosting countries.

6) The Association promotes events to showcase the strength and quality of the True Italian Restaurant. The most famous ones are the Gran Gala in Berlin which is at the 19th edition, along with many other chapters in Germany. The Italian Festa in Manchester or Edinburgh, the Gala in London, the events in Wiesbaden, and those in Barcellona to name few. The Festa of the Italian restaurant in the world is officially the 14th of February, and it is becoming a romantic tradition among members of Ciao Italia in the world.

7) Ciao Italia honors the elderly that have dedicated their life to this noble profession

8) Ciao Italia members can expose the “Targa Associativa” of membership plaque, which defines them as True Italian restaurants, and may use the logo “ Bocca della Verita”, in their menus, letterhead and other principal media material, including culinary products.

9) Ciao Italia is proudly concerned in the accurate management of the Insegna del Ristorante Italiano, as a patrimony of all the Italian Restaurants in the world

10) Italian restaurants in the world are part of a network of promotions and operations, and its members are the structural pillar of the network. Ciao Italia Members receive communications and news from the world headquarter in regards to initiatives and new programs, that involves the growth of the chapters, while discovering new products and new ideas to implement for future success.

11) The Italian restaurants in accordance with the normative of the World headquarters and regional chapters can obtain the ambitious Certification of True Ristorante Italiano

Providence Rhode Island USA
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